Outward In Learning:
Empowering Students to Succeed in Higher Education!

Outward In Learning is committed to:

Creating and providing proven effective learning methods
Serving diverse populations
Offering asynchronous learning
Providing academic coaching and support
Fundamental Academic Preparedness for higher education 

Outward In Learning 

  • Develop strategies, skills, and techniques to improve your levels of success in higher education.
  • Gain the proper mindset and self-esteem to boost your confidence and have a prosperous college experience.
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How We Started

The educational platform Outward In Learning began at the hands of founder Darryl Williams. As a college professor based in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and coming from a first career focused in behavioral therapy and counseling. Darryl has seen first-hand just how challenging it often is new college students struggle with mindset preparedness and the transition into college.
Why Is This Useful?
  • Outward In Learning is a crossover of academic and coaching backgrounds in teaching and self-advocacy

  • Showing students how to build or improve their own skills set with practice

  • Encouraging students onward in the strengths developed through the lessons in the courses 

  • Reinforce better ease in making healthy action-geared habits into skills to use everyday and more naturally
  • Those who enroll in and complete courses in Outward In Learning become more prepared
 emotionally for higher education
  • Students are  able to transition seamlessly and take advantage of thriving in higher education

Meet the Founder

Darryl Williams earned his Master of Science degree in Higher Education Counseling from West Chester University in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Counseling young clients eventually led him to want to bring skill-building and advocacy into the arena of post-secondary education in understanding how and when to best break through to students in order to help them have the most success from the start—when teenagers transition into adults and the community leaders of tomorrow. Since moving into higher education decades ago, Darryl now uses what he learned through the mental health field and applies it in the classroom setting. Common gaps in the transition from high school to college for so many students nowadays continue to stand out to Darryl clearly. Seeing success and growth in his students year after year, though, inspired him to create Outward In Learning as an educational platform for a larger-reaching audience of more students. 

Teaching first-year students for more than 20 years has given Darryl an introspective eye into what they do and don't have in preparedness in the transition to college. Darryl reflects, “The whole onboarding process to the college system is often confusing, and at this critical stage, students are vulnerable and can become easily overwhelmed, withdraw, or quit altogether. Outward In Learning is a resource for students which can provide them with an early understanding and a more realistic expectation of what the academic demands of higher education will require from them beginning–from day one.” With a background in teaching time management, approaches to studying, understanding and navigating test-taking and test anxiety, developing and exercising critical thinking skills, and how to be organized in breaking down tasks proportionally so that they don’t loom too largely and dauntingly, Darryl knew it made sense to bring Outward In Learning to more students through its own online educational platform, noticing this universal struggle in students well beyond those in local classrooms. Driven and proud to be a part of seeing students grow in their confidence and belief in themselves as they learn to adapt and recognize their best strengths and talents in managing what it is to transition from high school or in being a new student to college—and how to continue succeeding well past freshman year—Darryl is passionate about being a part of setting up students to achieve, including smaller goals and larger ones.
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