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Academic Coaching

We provide virtual academic coaching based on a specific curriculum to address specific needs. Students complete a learning assessment to determine their academic strengths and weaknesses. 

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Online Courses

Hybrid option - receive  additional coaching  (virtual) upon completion of specific courses to debrief and receive direct support.  
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Coaching and Courses

Hybrid option - receive  additional coaching  (virtual) upon completion of specific courses to debrief and receive direct support. 
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Listen to our podcast and hear stories, of success, perseverance, determination. We also have academic professionals sharing about experiences and providing knowledge on how to navigate your college journey with confidence.

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Why Outward In Learning? 

The Cost of College

Preparation is key!  Why waste time and money?
Below are some basic facts regarding the cost of college or higher education
and drop our rates.
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Average Tuition

The average cost of college in the United States is $35,551 per student per year, including books, supplies, and daily living expenses. 

The average in-state student attending a public 4-year institution spends $25,707 for one academic year.

The average cost of in-state tuition
alone is $9,377 out of state averages $27,901.

Student Loan Debt 

The outstanding Federal Loan Portfolio is over $1.745 trillion.

The average federal student loan debt
balance is $37,787.

The average public university student borrows $32,880 to attain a bachelor’s degree.

1 in 3 adults under 30 owe 34% of all student loan debt , totaling $578 billion.

Drop Out Rates

College dropout rates indicate that up to 32.9% of undergraduates do not complete their program.

First-time undergraduate freshmen have a 12-month dropout rate of 24.1%.

Among all undergraduate students,
up to 40% drop out.

College dropouts are 19.6% more likely to be unemployed than any degree holder.

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Is Outward In Learning for me?

This is for you if...

  • You are unsure of what kind of personal academic expectations are needed to be successful in college. 
  • You are a high school student who plans to attend college in the near future
  • You were an average student in high school. 
  • You are a non-traditional student (24 years of age or older) and have not attended any schooling for over a year. 
  • The key to success in college is to start prepared!

 Victory Loves Preparation!

Benefits for Students

Explore academic strategies through behavioral techniques
that encourage 
success in college and beyond. 


An educational platform that is designed to assess and evaluate your academic behaviors and how they translate to your learning
You will learn to modify personal attitudes and  behaviors in order to develop enhanced skill building for academic success. 

Higher Education Focused

Strategies shared and knowledge learned allows you to utilize the skills you need to be a successful college student.  
Specialized courses designed to give you the academic advantage you need when it  comes to building and fostering success in higher education.

Academic Coaching 

Experience and benefit from
one-on-one coaching to identify and evalauate academic
strengths and weaknesses.

Receive consultation and advisement on identifying and examining strategies and techniques to improve your metacognition and build a strong foundation for college success. 

Welcome to
Outward In Learning

My name is Darryl Williams and I started Outward In Learning to help students transition and be successful in their first year of college.  In my 20+ years of teaching experience in higher education, I have witnessed new students entering college who are "college ready" but are not ready for college. 

Outward In Learning has created methods to help students smoothly transition to college level coursework through preparation and development of an academic mindset and behavior that promote success. 

Student's first semester and year are critical for success in college. Without the right preparation, students are at risk of misalignment with their academic expectations which can be costly in many ways. With the first year drop-out rates at 24.1% (almost 1 out of 4 students), many cannot afford to not be prepared!

I would like to see your student succeed as they make this important transition into higher education. You will find throughout my curriculum and coaching that I enjoy sports, automobile racing, and powerful stories of motivation and inspiration. 

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Outward |In | | Outward In Learning

Outward In Learning is an educational platform that explores strategies and methods to help you promote early success in college and beyond.

Develop the necessary skills and mindset needed to be successful in college and take full advantage of your academic experience.

Many students struggle with the transition and academic expectations associated with higher education. With Outward
 In Learning, you will engage in a path of learning that fits your needs and helps to encourage skills and behaviors that promote academic success. 

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Where behavior
connects with education.

Get a Step Ahead!


What do students have to say...


"The course was a great eye-opener to the importance of time management. Procrastination is not only something that affects us in college, it continues with us after graduation and impacts our post-grad lives. Online learning can be challenging for us all, as the pandemic has shown us, but the layout of this course makes it easy to follow and comprehend the material. I learned a lot and I plan to implement what I've learned into my life so I can improve my time management skills!"


Temple University
"To me this course was something I wanted to pay attention to because I could use it and apply it in real life. It was a topic I knew I needed to work on but never did anything about it until this course. This course broke it down into easy elements for me to make sure I succeed and get better at not procrastinating."


Temple University
"I appreciated that this course made me realize how I need to approach situations. When I’m feeling unmotivated
I now know ways to apply strategies to my life to help the problem."


Temple University
"It helped me to finally deal with my procrastination problem after a long time procrastinating. I know I have a serious problem with procrastination and I now know how I need to address it.  By taking the course, it forces me to look straight into my problem and what I can do to fix it."

Coaching for College Success! 

"I found Darryl’s coaching program to be extremely helpful. He is very thorough in his lessons and focused on points that would help me in my college career. He has done an excellent job helping me understand the root causes of my struggles in college. I have been using his strategies not only in college, but also in my daily life."


Penn State Brandywine
Corporate Communications

"The coaching offered by Outward In Learning is a great and useful resource for anyone struggling or trying to improve their academic talents.
It's proven extremely useful in organization, planning, and test-taking skills, alongside other skills such as test anxiety.
The strategies taught by Darryl allowed me to not only pass my exams but also allowed me to reduce my test-taking anxiety.
I cannot thank Darryl enough for supporting me and my academic future."


Class of 2024
11th grade

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